The website is the blog is the website is the blog…

I’ve been experimenting with this blog and blogging software for a few months now, and it has some significant advantages over using html, Dreamweaver, and that lot. The main advantage is ease of maintenance, and how quick it is to update the content.

The more I have experimented with WordPress software and the page structure, the more I see how the old code-it-directly-in-html or fire-up-the-huge-Dreamweaver-program model may have become unnecessary. This new blogging software is faster, easier, and seems to let me create the same stuff I used to have in straight html.

So with that, I can tell you that it’s now official and permanent… acmevoiceworx-dot-com is now powered by WordPress and is now Web 2.0-compliant, whatever that means. I’ll have more to say about this experience a bit later, promise.

Hope you like the new look and organization. It’s far more organized than anything else in my life.