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YouTube squashes sound for free – FIXED

UPDATE: YouTube appears to have fixed the “problem” with their new compression scheme, according to Wired.com. What’s interesting is that they seem to have undone the previous damage to users’ files, which implies that they either kept uncompressed copies that they could re-encode, or that the new scheme worked in real time. Read the update here.

ClampsNo, it’s not a man-bites-dog story. It is a story about how YouTube’s new audio compression algorithm not only makes all the sound louder, including any noise, but also destroys any dynamic range in music. In some cases it actually generates distortion where their previously was none.

It’s particularly hard on classical or acoustic music as it also raises the level of quiet passages, increasing their noise significantly. We can only hope they get it right at some point. Soon, please.

New YouTube Audio Compression Stymies Uploaders | Listening Post from Wired.com

And yes, it has been reported as a bug:

Recent audio compression issue – Bug Reports & Issues | Google Groups

As they say on comedy-news on local TV: More later as the situation develops.

US Senate Joins the Webcast Fray

Looks like SoundExchange and the RIAA will be defending their indefensible royalty rates on two fronts — the US Senate has introduced S. 1353, The Internet Radio Equality Act. Along with H.R. 2060 (which is approaching 100 co-sponsors), this bill would vacate the Copyright Royalty Board’s recent decision to charge webcasters both small and large a higher rate than is paid by even satellite radio (and certainly higher than what AM and FM currently pay).

Webcasters are still in need of public support, which you can show here.

Internet Radio Gets a Reprieve, HR 2060

The Copyright Royalty Board has moved the date on which its new, predatory royalty rates for streamers take effect from May 15th to July 15th. This makes it more likely that the Internet Radio Equality Act (H.R. 2060), currently moving through Congress, will indeed pass in time to head off this catastrophe for small webcasters.

Stay abreast of all the developments here, and show your support by taking action as suggested here.