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Samplitude Pro X in August 2012 Radio and Production Magazine

Samplitude Pro X

This month in Radio and Production we look at Samplitude Pro X, a Windows-based multitrack recording software package from Magix that is very complete and capable, yet in some ways very different from more popular audio recording packages. It has the same capabilities as Pro Tools and Audition — in some instances more — but its object-oriented design puts it in a separate class altogether.

Now that it’s in the same price bracket as Pro Tools and Audition, it makes sense to try the free 30-day demo version. You may just be motivated to switch. Get the August issue of RAP to find out more.

The most exciting announcement at AES 2009…

The 2009 Audio Engineering Society Convention (aka the 127th AES) in New York City got underway today in the Jacob Javits Center. Early reports from attendees include comments about how much smaller the show is than in the recent past — less than half the exhibit space — which is understandable in the current economy.iPhone Help Wanted

We all know that the recording industry is undergoing a painful transformation into, well, many of us are not sure exactly what it will become. But times are definitely tough… one observer sent me a picture of what they consider the most exciting announcement to be seen so far, shown here.

It speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

Ten Myths About Pro Tools for Voiceover: Why They’re Myths.

ProTools8It’s my belief that a lot of voice actors actually fear Digidesign’s Pro Tools for recording and editing voiceovers. Often, VO artists have taken one look over some engineer’s shoulder and muttered “Nope, that’s not for me, it’s too (fill in the blank).”

No wonder — the engineer is probably focused on how many whizzy-cool features s/he can invoke per second, and this can be give the talent a false impression. So here are the top ten objections to Pro Tools and my response to each. Read the rest of this entry »