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Back from NAB

I don’t go to as many shows as I used to, and I forget how much work it really is to properly “do” a tradeshow like NAB. They’re claiming over 106,000 attendees, and I’m inclined to believe them.

So what was hot? The Red One digital camera, that’s what. Hands down, the hottest item at the entire show.

Rather than list all the feeds and speeds here, I’ll simply point you to their website where you can see it all for yourself. But I will tell you that the images produced by this thing are stunning. These guys really did it right, and the fact that they were able to get a “custom” codec included in Apple’s new Final Cut Studio 2 (one of the other “hots”) represents a coup. I’m much more a sound guy than a video guy, but I want a Red One digital camera, period. Continue reading Back from NAB