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SEO for VO in May 2009 issue of RAP

In the upcoming issue of Radio & Production magazine, I’ve explained the basics of SEO and how it can help clients find you. More importantly, I show you how joining and participating in social networks increases your visibility on the interwebz, which can be good for your business.

In short, you need good content and good participation from other sites (in other words, incoming links) to get good results from Google. Got that? Good.

YouTube squashes sound for free – FIXED

UPDATE: YouTube appears to have fixed the “problem” with their new compression scheme, according to Wired.com. What’s interesting is that they seem to have undone the previous damage to users’ files, which implies that they either kept uncompressed copies that they could re-encode, or that the new scheme worked in real time. Read the update here.

ClampsNo, it’s not a man-bites-dog story. It is a story about how YouTube’s new audio compression algorithm not only makes all the sound louder, including any noise, but also destroys any dynamic range in music. In some cases it actually generates distortion where their previously was none.

It’s particularly hard on classical or acoustic music as it also raises the level of quiet passages, increasing their noise significantly. We can only hope they get it right at some point. Soon, please.

New YouTube Audio Compression Stymies Uploaders | Listening Post from Wired.com

And yes, it has been reported as a bug:

Recent audio compression issue – Bug Reports & Issues | Google Groups

As they say on comedy-news on local TV: More later as the situation develops.

Web Surfing on a Megayacht

Spent a day last week at Westport Shipyards in Port Washington, WA, hanging with a buddy who designs and installs marine electronics systems in luxury yachts, ranging in size from 110 to 164 feet.

wimaxOf interest to me was learning that owners spend about $10,000 a month to get Internet connectivity at sea on one of these things, and the speed tops out at about 512 kbps (it comes down from a satellite). But like the rest of us, they’re waiting for WiMax to help increase their Internet speed and lower their costs.

The rich really are different, or are they?

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