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May AVT: Will Windows 8 Make Tablets More Useful?

In an article in the May 2012 issue of AVTechnology magazine, we muse on whether or not the Microsoft’s introduction of Windows 8, which includes a version that runs on ARM processors and promises to provide a Desktop environment which will handle the Office suite on a tablet.

The real question would seem to be “Will the ARM version of Office make tablets as useful for content creation as they are for content consumption?” Because otherwise the likes of Samsung, Nokia, and Dell will settle for what’s left of the market after Android and iOS have their share.

Steve Jobs

Most of what needs to be said about Steve has already been said by others, and better than I could have done, so I won’t even attempt to add to it.

However, Steve Jobs has been partly responsible for my ability to make a living for the past 30 or so years. That must be acknowledged, and I am grateful for it.

Thanks you, Steve, and Godspeed.