Example 1: the “embed” tag. Notice how clicking on the link below generates a new tab or page with a simple native player in it, either Quicktime Player or Windows Media Player depending on which is installed.
The “embed” tag in action: demovo.mp3

Example 2: the Google Reader player. The only problem here is that the app lives on Google’s websites, so if you’re not connected to the Internet or the site is down, you won’t have a player.

Example 3: the “1pixelout” player, which I prefer. Rather than simply using the WordPress plug as-is, I’ve embedded the player directly into the html on this page.

You do need to upload player.swf and audio-player.js (from the download) to your server, and once you’ve done that you can create a player for each file. Further, they can be customized for color and whatnot within the code, like this:

Example 4: the FMP3 player, which is professional-looking and works from an xspf playlist, so it can play multiple files sequentially:

The actual code is available in the June issue of RAP.

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