Pro Tools in Yer Pocket

Pro Tools users almost got what they’ve begged and pleaded for o these many years — Digidesign just introduced the Mbox Micro, a USB stick audio interface with stereo outputs (but no inputs) for $279. It’s clever enough… on the end there’s a 1/8th-inch stereo output jack and a little thumbwheel volume control. Otherwise it looks like a USB memory stick, with no cables to connect and no controls save the thumbwheel. Digi says it’ll be available in mid-November.

Now before we all go bonkers, let’s remember that there are no inputs on this little dingus. So while it’s great for mixing and editing on an airplane flight, it won’t really do for cutting voiceovers in a hotel room, right? ‘Cause there’s no inputs, right? ‘Cause Pro Tools won’t recognize any inputs other than the one that’s on the Digidesign interface, right? And this interface ain’t got none, right?


I can imagine some workarounds that might make this little dingus useful for voiceover work, but they’re definitely workarounds. For the moment, I’ll be keeping my Mbox 2 Mini in my briefcase. It has inputs.

More on the dingus at or on the Digidesign website.

Mbox 2 Micro — almost what we wanted…

Mbox 2 Micro in a laptop