Web Surfing on a Megayacht

Spent a day last week at Westport Shipyards in Port Washington, WA, hanging with a buddy who designs and installs marine electronics systems in luxury yachts, ranging in size from 110 to 164 feet.

wimaxOf interest to me was learning that owners spend about $10,000 a month to get Internet connectivity at sea on one of these things, and the speed tops out at about 512 kbps (it comes down from a satellite). But like the rest of us, they’re waiting for WiMax to help increase their Internet speed and lower their costs.

The rich really are different, or are they?

Here’s a 130 footer in progress. BTW, it goes down below the floor as far as it goes up. Click the image to see a full-size view.

Yeah, that’s my buddy Johnnie standing next to it. Thing’s big enough to have a job.

And I briefly considered taking an IT job with him.

Working on those behemoths, which are actually chock full of cat 5 and cat 6 cable. You have no idea how advanced they really are… floating theaters. Except that the up and download speeds are agonizingly slow.