Mac OS X 10.5.3 released [updated]

Yesterday Apple released Mac OS X 10.5.3, the latest revision of their newest “Leopard” operating system. This release contains what appears to be a boatload of security fixes, as well as a tidy list of improvements to various Apple applications.

I do have one Mac running Leopard for evaluation purposes, but the “money” machines are still on 10.4.11, at least until Digidesign qualifies Pro Tools LE and M-Powered for Leopard. Pro Tools HD is currently qualified on OS X 10.5.1, but not 10.5.2; LE and M-Powered are not yet qualified, period.

[Update 05/30/08] So-called pre-release versions of all three, ready for Leopard 10.5.3, are now available from Digidesign’s website. See this.

The money machines in my shop won’t be upgraded until the software is ready. But with the third update release for Leopard out now, it may be getting close. You may recall that Tiger (aka 10.4) wasn’t fully stable for all-day digital audio work until version 10.4.5, so patience becomes a virtue. We’ll keep an eye open and see which way the wind blows.

Meanwhile, 10.5.3’s laundry list of improvements includes a fix for stuttering video and audio played from USB devices, and nudges attached hard drives to make certain they appear in the Finder. Airport gets some attention, as does reliability in Time Capsule. For those of us whose lives are on multiple computers in iCal, that program gets its sync abilities fixed. There’s a great deal more on the list, which you can find here:

About the Mac OS X 10.5.3 Update.