iZotope RX review in March issue of RAP

This month’s review concerns one of those products that not everyone needs, but those who need it really need it.

I’ve scored a copy of iZotope’s RX noise reduction plug-in, and so far, it’s sweet. It’s a standalone program that lists for $349 USD, substantially less than the current crop of third party noise reduction plugs. What’s more, RX offers five distinct modules: a de-clipper, a de-clicker, a de-noiser, hum removal, and spectral repair, all in one interface. And quite the interface it is, with the buttons for each modules at the lower left of the interface.iZotope RX

Actually the nice folks at iZotope have given me a full copy of RX Advanced, which retails for about $1200. While it’s nice to have, I can already tell that I’ll do most of my work using the “simpler” controls that come with the regular edition. Here’s the main screen: Note the two overlaid displays — the blue is the waveform showing you amplitude over time, while the orange stuff is a frequency spectrogram, with low frequencies at the bottom and higher frequencies at the top of each track. The brighter the orange, the greater the frequency’s amplitude. Makes it easy to pick out noises.

The long and short of RX is that if you need it, you really need it. So much better than the others, and the regular edition is a screamin’ deal in comparison to the competition. See the review at RAP’s website here.