c|net Explains WiMax


I mentioned the concept of WiMax as it pertained to megayachts awhile ago, and like many of us I’m still waiting for it (or something that looks just like it).

For those who haven’t kept up, c|net has posted a good explanation of the WiMax technology, how it compares to Wi-Fi and 3G, and why you should care. From the article:

“The WiMax Forum claims the technology can deliver 40 Mbps of capacity per channel, which can then be split ‘among hundreds of businesses, thousands of residences, and thousands of mobile Internet users.’ Specifically, the group believes the technology can offer 30 Mbps of capacity within a typical cell radius of up to 3 kilometers.”

Heady stuff, if it works and becomes widely adopted. That, of course, is the issue. Realtime speeds tend to be substantially less than the theoretical:

“By comparison, WiMax can deliver theoretical download speeds to individual users around 10 Mbps to 20 Mbps. But most people using a mobile WiMax service will get between 2 Mbps and 4 Mbps of bandwidth.”

Read the entire c|net article here.