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ClearOne Chat 50 USB in Nov 2009 ProAV Magazine

I’ve just finished writing a Peer Review piece for ProAV magazine on the Chat 50 USB by ClearOne. ClearOne Chat 50 USBThis is one sweet Skype-ing machine. This little box sounds great for VoIP — it has a full sound and the intelligibility is excellent. It works in full-duplex mode, so it doesn’t cut off the sound of the other party when the caller speaks over him. Clear One includes software for adjusting the internal input and output levels and for disabling the Chat 50’s echo canceling feature, and the software can then store these settings in a database of devices for later recall.

The downsides are so very minor — ClearOne says it can be used as a remote speaker for an iPod. Well, yes it can, but you won’t like the results for that… it’s a bit boxey-sounding. But for speech, it is fabulous. I’m keeping mine. Check it out in November’s ProAV, which can be found here.

Southern California College Radio Conference at USC

USC’s own KSCR put together a fine SCCRC today (see title for acronym translation), where I was asked to wax on (and wax off) on the value of good imaging to college radio.

I consider it an honor to do so, because I’ve learned much of what I know about good imaging from the likes of Dave Foxx at Z-100 in New York and Dan O’Day here in Lost Angeles. These guys are complete professionals, and they understand the power of a single message properly delivered.

Props to both for helping me teach the next generation how to build the stuff that goes between the music, and do a better job of it.

PD Grad School ’07 audio available

I’m done editing and mastering the audio record for the 2007 edition of Dan O’Day’s PD Grad School. It contains just over 11 hours of radio programming techinques, theory, advice and practice on ten CDs, featuring Larry Rosin, David Lawrence, Dave Foxx, and several others. Didn’t get to attend? Get the CD package here.

“Back to school”

This commonly-used phrase has a very different meaning for those of us who teach. At the University of Southern California, it’s the beginning of another season of performances — the show opens January 8th and closes late in April. For me, it’s another opportunity to share what I know about creating compelling messages with sound, geared for the next generation of radio production people.

But mostly… it is show biz.