A Brief and Personal Rant

This has nothing to do with audio, radio, voiceover, teaching, or topics related to the aforementioned. It does have to do with life, and with my beloved ’65 Ranchero. Forgive me this indulgence, and thanks in advance.

I had my Ranchero serviced on Thursday morning and they put in a new water pump and I asked them to change the oil while they were at it and so they changed the oil and didn’t get the old filter gasket off the block before they put on the new filter so Thursday evening as I was on my way to a rubber-chicken charity dinner thing in the Marina the oil pressure light came on and there was some smoke and I had to stop on Pico Blvd. across from Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles and call AAA to tow me back home and I couldn’t even eat at Roscoe’s but watched all the other people come out and waddle to their cars as I waited for the tow truck because having two gaskets on the oil filter caused my engine to blow motor oil all over the inside of the freekin’ engine compartment and I had no oil pressure so I couldn’t run the engine at all and then I had to have it towed from home back to the shop on Friday morning so they could fix the filter and clean up the freekin’ mess they made for me in the engine compartment and it’s better now and mostly clean in there except there’s still some oil hanging around which makes it reek when I drive it and it’ll probably take the week to burn off the last of that oil and I could’ve killed someone but I didn’t and I was nice and understanding and didn’t even swear at the mechanic ’cause he apologized all over the place and really tried to clean up the mess and didn’t charge me and even paid for my second cab ride to the shop ’cause after all I didn’t have a car for two days and why didn’t I just change the water pump and the oil myself like I’d intended?

Thanks. I’m much better now.